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Glass Lined Bolted Storage Tanks

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Glass lined bolted storage tanks, or glass-fused-to-steel tanks and silos are for use in particular applications where bare metal is not recommended. These bolted storage tanks are commonly called "glass-lined" and are coated inside and out with a glass-like enamel that binds to the metal and provides particular advantages over standard metal tanks. The glass coating forms a hard, chemically inert layer that permanently protects the steel surface from rust, corrosion, undercutting, abrasion and stains. Glass lined storage tanks are known for their low maintenance, natural resistance to contamination, greater service life and low modular construction costs.

Companies Providing Glass Lined Bolted Storage Tanks

  • United Industries Group, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of liquid storage and dry bulk storage for industrial applications, providing glass lined storage tanks and silos.

Glass Lined Storage Tank Features

Glass lined bolted storage tanks and silos have many features advantageous to any project including:
  • shock, scratch and stain resistant
  • hygienic surfaces
  • non-flammable high durability cho