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Glass Cutting Tables

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Glass cutting tables are the tables used to transfer glass into a glass cutting machine for computer numerical control (CNC) glass cutting operations. These glass cutting tables have a soft non-scratch surface that grips the glass and prevents sliding, and the table itself is capable of going from a horizontal orientation to a fully vertical orientation.

Glass Cutting Table Manufacturers

  • CMS North America: an expert in glass cutting machines and glass cutting tables, CMS North America glass cutting tables provide strength and reliability with tables that maintain their rigidity for years. CMS North America is the leading expert in glass cutting equipment manufacturing and produces glass cutting tables for small single table applications all the way up to full large-sized and high volume glass cutting shops.

Glass Cutting Table Purpose

Large computer glass cutting machines typically involve three principle parts:
  • The actual cutting machine, which runs on two axis enabling it to cut any two-dimensional shape, including curves and circles.
  • The flat cutting table surface on which the glass is cut.
  • A separate table that is used for loading the glass into the glass cutting machine.
This separate loading table i