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Flexible Heaters

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Flexible Heaters Provide Cost Effective Temperature Control

Flexible heaters are a unique solution for applying a heat source to a piece of equipment where traditional heating units may not possible or practical. The flexible heater heating unit generally has a thin profile and can be adhered to a variety of surfaces. Flexible heating elements are a cost-effective product option for rapidly transferring heat that is consistent and accurate. Highly resistant to deterioration, flexible heaters have a wide range of industrial and commercial uses. Most flexible heaters consist of a resistive element of etched foil or similar conductive material that is laminated between layers of durable and flexible insulating material.  Sizes, shapes, termination options, and resistance values can be developed to fit the application for which the flexible heater is intended.

Flexible Heater Manufacturers

  • Minco is a flexible heater manufacturer that has been designing and producing flexible heater, flex circuit, sensor and instrument product lines for critical applications since 1956. This global company provides an advanced engineering network, superior customer service, and quality component manufacturing.

Selecting a Flexible Heater for Your Application

Flexible heaters allow for a broad range of customization options to ensure the perfect fit for the application. When narrowing the selection of flexible heaters to choose from for your specific product or process, it is important to consider the following factors: Flexible Heater System Requirements:
  • What is the wattage that will be required?
  • What voltage will be needed?
Flexible Heater Placement Issues:
  • What is surface size of the destination for the heater?
  • Are there space parameters that need to be accommodated?
  • What is the texture of the surface where the heater will be used?
  • How far do the leads need to reach?
  • Is moisture or chemical contamination an is