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A ferrule is a metal band used to fasten, join, reinforce, or shield that is manufactured via the deep drawn stamping process. Ferrules appear as a metal band or cylinder and are an incredibly common component -- the metal band that attaches and eraser to a pencil is a ferrule, as is the metal cap at the end of a garden hose. Within the manufacturing world, ferrules are often referred to as eyelets, and the terms are used interchangeably. Ferrules can also be manufactured from plastic, but within the industrial market ferrules typically refers to metal components.

Ferrules Manufacturers

  • Trans-Matic is a leading manufacturer of world class deep drawn metal stampings, including ferrules and eyelets. With production facilities across the globe, Trans-Matic produces the highest quality metal stampings to the most exacting specifications.

Metals for Ferrules

Ferrules can be made from just about any kind of metal. Common kinds of metals used in ferrule manufacture within the industrial market include brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, and low carbon steel. The choice of metal depends on the use of the ferrule and the particular characteristics sought. Often for small parts the primary concerns is cost, in which case a low-cost metal is used for ferrules manufacturing, such as aluminum. In some cases the primary concern is even appearance. Ferrules that are designed to be used as a heat sink are often manufactured from aluminum for it's thermal conductivity and high strength and dimensional stability at high temperatures