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Electronic Products

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Electronic products include batteries,  AC/DC power supplies,  electrical circuits, printed circuit boards, sensors, alarms, and other products used to manufacture, power, and connect devices and equipment.

Electronic Product Manufacturers & Distributors

  • Alpha Assembly Solutions serves the global electronics assembly industry as a provider of innovative materials and solutions for electronic products. Their Semiconductor, Circuitry, and Assembly divisions collaborate to produce products randing from underfill and solder paste to flexible PCBs.
  • Daitron Incorporated is a contracted stocking distributor of electronic products including batteries, low-noise AC/DC power supplies, semiconductor and board level components, connectors, and more. The company's diverse business divisions serve a broad range of industries including industrial, medical, semiconductor, solar cell, and others.
  • Star Engineering is an electronic product contract manufacturer offering wire, cable, and harness assemblies; printed circuit board assemblies; electro-mechanical assemblies; and more. They also offer engineering and supply chain management services.
  • VPI Technology is a technology firm specializing in electronic product design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing. They are certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards and accredited through the National Voluntary Labo