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Electrical Conduits & Electrical Raceways

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Electrical Conduit

Electrical conduit is a specialized type of tubing used to route and protect electrical wiring. Conduit is designed to provide protection for wiring against impact, moisture, chemical vapors, and other hazards. The numbers, sizes, and types of conductors that can be installed through a conduit vary. Metal and plastic are the most popular and widely-used materials of construction, but fiber, fired clay, and other materials are not uncommon. In most instances, the conduit is rigid, with bends being added, as required. Tube bending is usually performed by trained pipe benders. For certain applications, flexible, waterproof, submersible, and gas-tight conduit is available. Special materials and coatings can be used to protect wiring from EMI/RFI and other interference. Electrical conduit designed specifically for embedding in concrete is also available. Generally, electrical conduit is installed by licensed electricians. The use of conduit, its form, and its installation are all subject to