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Dunnage Air Bags

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A dunnage air bag protects your load during shipment by removing the potential of products or pallets moving during movement. Air bags brace a load, absorb vibration, and fill in empty spots between products. They are a cost-effective and simple way to secure your shipment during transport. Air bags are most often available in vinyl, polywoven, or paper materials.

Dunnage Air Bag Company Links

  • Daco Corporation is a material handling and packaging solution servicing industrial, commercial, and retail markets.

More About Dunnage Air Bags

Dunnage air bags are designed to secure goods during shipment. They are effective for shipping via truck, rail, boat, air, or container. The inflatable bags fill voids, brace loads, and absorb vibration to keep the shipped product in place. The potential for damage during transit is significantly decreased with the use dunnage air bags. Early dunnage bags were made of rubber, which later evolved into kraft paper bags with plastic interiors for strength. As the metal strapping used to secure loads to and on pallets has gradually been replaced with plastic or vinyl wrap, polyethylene and vinyl dunnage air bags have become popular. These materials are less expensive, but provide equally effective performance. Regardless of what material is used, the most important factor in dunnage bag use is proper size. If the dunnage air bag does not adequately fill the void in the shipping container, it will not provide proper protection and product damage is still possible. As long as they of adequate size to fill the void(s), dunnage air bags can be used in any position in regards to the products being shipped. Most modes of transport produce movement in multiple (if not all) directions—dunnage bags can be placed in front of, behind, beside, or above products to prevent movement in any direction.