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Die Cutting

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Die cutting is a fabrication process used to cut materials into a specific shape, either for prototypes or high-volume production of identical parts. Various types of industrial equipment are used to precisely cut plastic, rubber, metal, wood, and composites into the desired shape and size, including:
  • Digital Die Cutting: Cuts materials precisely without using a metal-cast die. This equipment operates at faster speeds, requires less set-up, and is best for short run production.
  • Flatbed Die Cutting: Cuts materials with a steel rule die attached to a flatbed press. This method is typically used for large designs and lower volume runs.
  • Rotary Die Cutting: Uses a rotary press to cut shapes from flexible materials. This process produces complex cuts faster than other die cutting methods.
An experienced die cutting provider will determine the best process for your application, based on the material and design specifications.

Die Cutting Service Providers