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Detention Hollow Metal Doors

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Detention hollow metal doors refers to metal doors specifically build for security applications, including jails, prisons, and correctional facilities. Detention hollow metal doors are typically custom built to the application and must meet certain standards for resistance to force, including bullet resistant.

Manufacturers of Hollow Metal Doors

  • Trussbilt is a leading manufacturer of detention hollow metal doors built around their unique TrussCore design technology, which captures the strength of the steel skins. A typical Trussbilt detention hollow metal door has over 800 welding points, granting greater protection against delamination.

Detention Hollow Metal Door Applications

Detention hollow metal doors have many applications beyond simply prisons and jails, and even within correctional facilities the detention hollow metal doors may have to meet different qualifications depending on the facility and and the standards required for that facility. Different detention facilities have to meet different ASTM standards based on their security level, and detention hollow metal doors are generally expected to meet ASTM standards for security levels 1 through 4. In addition to that, detention hollow metal doors may be required to be fire resistant, include thermal break frames, prevent include draft and smoke controls, be lead-lined, and even have a certain degree of acoustical sound dampening (for which there is also an ASTM standard). Outside of the correctional ind