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Desoldering is a process used in the electronics industry to remove solder from a circuit board. This process is important for the reworking of old electrical circuit boards. The process of desoldering utilizes heat as it is applied to the soldered joint. Once the joint is heated the joints can be separated for repair, troubleshooting, component replacement, or salvage purposes.

Desoldering Company Links

  • Easy Braid Co. Minnesota: Manufacturer of desolder wick, innovative desoldering technology. A leader in the electronic rework/repair industry.

Advantages of Desoldering

Electronic equipment and circuits are often expensive and salvaging used equipment is desirable. Desoldering that does not damage the existing electronic circuit board helps to maintain integrity of expensive devices and electronic materials.

Desoldering Tools & Techniques

There are a number of different ways to remove solder from a circuit board, and a variety of specialized tools to perform this task. Tools and materials used in desoldering include: 
  • Desolder wick
  • Desolding pumps (or “solder suckers”)
  • Heat guns
  • Removal alloys and fluxes
  • Vacuum and pressure pumps
  • Rework stations
Desoldering is achieved by applying heat to solder joints and r