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Depalletizer - Robotic Depalletizers

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The opposite of a palletizer system. This is the process of removing cases or products from a pallet by an automated operation and then is generally put onto a conveyor system to be moved elsewhere in the packaging process.

Depalletizer Providers

  • Columbia Palletizing is a world-class provider of palletizing systems, including high level, floor level, robotic palletizers, and load transfer stations. Columbia Palletizing systems are capable of performance speeds from 1 to 150 cases per minute.

Robotic Depalletizer Systems

By definition, a depalletizer system is automated (while pallets can be offloaded by hand, that is not considered depalletizing) and robotic depalletizer systems enable efficient unloading of palletized products. Robotic depalletizers can handle everything from boxes to trays, cases, sheets, bags, totes, pails, and even the pallets themselves. This depalletizer video from Columbia Okura demonstrates robotic depalletizers in action: While the base robotics can be somewhat standardized, typically featuring a multi-axis articulated robot arm capable moving and turning in almost any direction, a robotic depalletizer system must be customized specifically for individual work spaces and applications. Robotic depalletizer systems are often cell-based (thus you can get multiple robotic depalletizers, each op