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Delrin 150

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Delrin 150 is a type of polyoxymethylene (POM) thermoplastic commonly used to engineer precision parts that require exceptional dimensional stability, low friction coefficient, and very high stiffness. Delrin 150 is also known as acetal, placental, and polyformaldehyde.

Delrin 150 is known for its high strength and hardness, as well as its rigidity in extreme temperatures. It is a semi-crystalline polymer, with a high melting point (175°C). This material exhibits high abrasion resistance, low water absorption, and excellent electrical and dielectric properties.

Delrin 150 was created by DuPont research chemists in 1952. It was patented by DuPont in 1956. The first production plant designed specifically to produce Delrin was built in 1960 in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Suppliers of Delrin 150 material: 

  • Plastics International sells Delrin 150 in sheets and rods, in addition to thousands of other plastic products. They serve a variety of businesses as both primary plastic material suppliers, as secondary sources, and as specialty suppliers.