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Deflashing is a finishing process for plastic moldings. A flash or rind sometimes remains after plastics have been molded, and deflashing services may be needed. Typical deflashing methods are blast finishing, tumbling, abrasive belts (wet or dry), use of scrapers, knives and files. Cryogenic deflashing is often used for thermoplastic parts. This method involves chilling the parts with liquid nitrogen and tumbling the thermoplastics.

Deflashing Company Links

  • Arrow Cryogenics Inc.: Providing cryogenic deflashing and deburring and finishing services for metal, plastic, and rubber.

Flash & Deflashing

Flash (or flashing) is excess material left on a molded, forged, or cast product, such as an injection molded plastic product. The presence of flash is usually caused by leakage of the material between two or more surfaces of a mold, generally along the parting line, or, in ov