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Tube Bending

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Tube Bending is a metal forming process used to permanently form pipes or tubing into a specific shape. Using a bending machine, straight tube stock can be formed into a variety of single- or multiple-bended shapes to created the desired form. Round stock is generally used in tube bending, though square and rectangular tubes and pipes can also be bent to meet project specifications. A number of different processes can be used to bend tubing into the desired shape, including ''press bending'' (pressing a shaped die against tubing to force it into shape), ''rotary draw bending'' (using multiple, computer controlled dies to form and press the tubing), ''heat induction'' (heating the tubing at the desired bend point, then applying pressure to bend it), ''roll bending'' (passing the tube through a series of rollers to gradually form it into shape), and ''sand-packing'' or ''hot-slab forming'' (tubing is filled with sand and heated, then bent across a slab with pins placed on it to created the desired bend points). Tube Bending links
  • Chicago Metal Rolled Products has been offering structural steel bending, rolling and and curving services since 1908.
  • Totten Tubes supplies high quality structural steel tubing and tube bending services.  With five locations across the west coast of North America, Totten can deliver your custom steel tubes directly to your jobsite on time.
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