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Metal Fabrication

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Metal Fabrication refers to the building of metal structures by cutting, bending, or assembling metal components. As with many manufacturing processes, human labor and automation are both utilized.
  • Cutting for metal fabrication is achieved via manual or powered sawing, shearing, or chiseling; torching with handheld oxy-fueled or plasma torches; or via CNC cutters, using lasers, torches, or water jets.
  • Bending for metal fabrication is achieved via manual or powered hammering, or via press brakes and similar machinery.
  • Metal fabrication assembly (joining of the pieces) is achieved via welding, adhesive binding, riveting, threaded fasteners, or crimped seams (which require further bending).
The end product of metal fabrication may also be called a fabrication. Thus metal fabrication is a broad term covering a number of different disciplines, many or all of which are usually provided by machine shops.

Metal Fabricatiors

  • Anderson Industries provides precision metal fabrication and trailer manufacturing services.
  • Pendarvis Manufacturing is a full service machine shop providing metal fabrication in Los Angeles area of California, including CNC machining and welding services. Pendarvis welders are certified for aluminum, structural steel, and stainless steel, and Pendarvis holds a Los Angeles fabricators license. Metal fabrication for everything from high volume and high speed machining to prototyping and custom metal fabrication.
  • Tempco Manufacturing has been providing their metal stamping and metal fabrication services to a wide variety of indu