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Custom Sewing Companies

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Custom sewing within the industrial sector usually refers to the sewing of canvas or leather (and faux leather) soft-sided bags and covers for machinery that is manufactured. Custom sewing is also used to create custom tool and equipment cases to easily store and sort necessary items.

Custom Sewing Manufacturers

  • Airtex Solutions: provides custom bag and case solutions to the industrial market with custom sewing of equipment covers and custom soft-sided cases as well as modification and custom inserts for hard sided cases. Airtex Solutions began serving the custom sewing needs of the industrial market sewing seed and grain bags in the early 1900 and today manufactures custom equipment covers, medical bags, diagnostic and EMT cases as well as promotional items.
In addition to the standard industrial uses of custom sewing (typically involving equipment covers) many B2B and industrial companies make use of custom sewing for promotional give-awa