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Custom Printed Cable Ties

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A cable tie, also known as a zip tie, is a length of strong nylon or other plastic material with teeth or open notches down its length. One of the cable tie has a locking mechanism that allows the opposite end to be looped and inserted through the locking end. As the looped end moves through the locking mechanism, the teeth or notches allow the cable tie to be pulled into an increasingly tighter loop, but do not allow the end to be pulled back out. Many varieties of cable ties can be custom printed for personalization or easy identification. Company names and/or logos, sequential numbering and/or lettering, graphics, and other unique designs can be printed directly onto the flat (non-toothed) face of the cable tie. Hot stamping is the most common method of printing on cable ties, and printing can generally be added in a variety of colors as needed.

Custom Printed Cable Tie Providers: 

  • Andfel Corporation offers custom printing and packaging services for their cable ties, security seals, and many of their other products. They require no minimums for custom printing, and deliver custom printed cable ties in some of the shortest lead times available.