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Custom Labels

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Custom labels are versatile and can be used on wine bottles, pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, envelopes and many more products and substrates. Custom labels can be designed to adhere to most surfaces such as metal, plastic, cardboard and aluminum. Various label types are available such as piggyback style, single layer, double layer and other designs that allow you to display the amount of information you need. Many products like pharmaceuticals and cosmetics have long ingredient lists and directions for use which must be properly displayed. A custom label designer can help you incorporate that text into the perfect label design. When choosing a custom label an important consideration is the quantity or "run length" you will need. Typically a longer run of custom labels will be less expensive. However many custom label providers know that a custom label run is often shorter and these companies will provide reasonable pricing. Some custom label providers allow you to upload a design directly to their website, or send a design electronically. This way you have complete control over the design of your c