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Custom Aluminum Cases

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Aluminum cases are commonly chosen over plastic cases primarily for appearance purposes. The silver (or black) finish of aluminum cases is often selected for presentation cases or product cases that are intended to convey a higher sense of value and importance -- for example with prototypes and proof of concept products.

Custom Aluminum Case Manufacturers

Airtex Solutions: a manufacturer of custom aluminum cases and other hard-sided cases, including compression molded cases, injection molded cases, and waterproof cases. In addition to manufacturing custom cases Airtex stocks an extensive line of aluminum cases in all sizes and varieties, from business cases to presentation cases to a variety of product cases.

R.P. Luce & Company: A top source in the United States for extremely durable Zarges aluminum cases. We feature a wide range of Zarges aluminum case styles and sizes that can be customized to your industry specifications. Serving the military and government, broadcast and communications, scientific expeditions, oceanographic or private sectors, a Zarges light-weight custom aluminum case from R.P. Luce will provide the quality protection and durability you need.

Customizing Aluminum Cases

Aluminum cases can be custom, or they can be customized. An actual custom aluminum case is a case that is designed and constructed to custom specif