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Copper Stamping

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Copper stamping uses the deep drawn metal stamping process to form copper sheet metal with a punch and die. The copper is fed into the metal stamping press and progressively formed by a punch that stamps the metal into a die. Complex and even asymmetrical shapes can be created via deep drawn stamping, with copper and many other types of metals.

Manufacturers of Copper Stamping

  • Trans-Matic Manufacturing Company: is a world leading manufacturer of deep drawn metal stampings, including copper stamping. Trans-Matic has over four decades of experience with metal stamping in a myriad of different metal types, and extensive knowledge of copper metal stamping in the creation of plumbing components as well as parts for many other industries.

Advantages of Copper Stampings

Copper is a preferred metal for stamped components that are exposed to the elements, or that are used to convey liquids. Copper is corrosion r