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Commercial Ironers

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Commercial ironers are commonly used by on-premises laundry facilities, dry cleaners, and commercial laundry services. They operate much differently than laundry irons that people have in their homes, but perform essentially the same function. Clothes are fed in through one side of the commercial iron, they pass through the machine’s high temperatures and high pressure presses (usually rollers), and come out the other side free of wrinkles. There are several varieties of commercial ironers, including heated-roll and heated-chest ironers. Many different sizes are available as well, making them ideal for high-capacity laundry facilities. Commercial ironers generally offer faster, more efficient operation, higher and more accurate temperature settings, and greatly advanced controls in comparison to domestic irons. Corresponding company links
  • Continental Girbau is an industry leader in the manufacture and sale of commercial irons and other commercial laundry products.