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Clip Nuts: Boeing's Choice

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Clip Nuts for BoeingAircraft giants like Boeing and Airbus hold themselves to very high standards -- and so do all the manufacturers who supply parts to them. One such manufacturer is Marketing Masters, a fastener manufacturer that supplies composite fasteners to Boeing and Airbus. Marketing Masters has created customized fasteners for Boeing and Airbus, designed to meet each company's respective specifications. Marketing Masters fasteners are used throughout aircraft, to secure flooring, tracks for seats and much more.

Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion is a serious problem for aircraft -- one that needs to be avoided at all costs. A common cause of corrosion on aircraft is scratches on the metal tracks that anchor seats in place. Scratches usually resulted from removing or installing traditional fasteners from the tracks. Clip Nuts can be installed onto and removed from the tracks without causing scratches. As a result, Boeing and Airbus rely on Clip Nuts fasteners, which are made of composite material rather than metal (which is also potentially corrosive) to prevent corrosion on their planes.

Custom Fasteners

Marketing Masters prides itself on its ability to customize products. Though Boeing and Airbus had similar needs, but they had different ideas about what an idea fastener should look like. That's why Marketing Masters worked closely with each company to create just-right fasteners for each company. To learn more, visit the links below: