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Chrome Oxide Coatings

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Chrome oxide coatings are a type of industrial coating, applied using Rokide rod or plasma electric arc coating processes. Also known as “black oxide coatings,” chrome oxide coatings are used in numerous industrial applications. Chrome oxide (Cr2O3) is an inorganic compound of chromium and oxygen. It is one of the principal oxides of chromium, and occurs naturally as the rare mineral eskolaite. Chrome oxide coatings impart many of the material’s advantageous characteristics to coated substrates, including excellent wear and abrasion resistance and high chemical resistance. Chrome oxide coatings are also anti-reflective. Generally applied as a powdered or ceramic-based feedstock, chrome oxide coatings are highly effective at sealing surfaces and enhancing existing seals, as well as improving abrasion and wear resistance.

Chrome Oxide Coating Providers: