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Canada Metal North America

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Canada Metal North America
8271 Lafrenaie
Montreal, Quebec,
Canada, H1P 2B1
Phone: 800 363-7110 

Company Profile
Canada Metal North America is Canada’s oldest and most diversified producer and marketer of processed lead-based products serving the medical, nuclear, marine, and construction industries. They offer a wide range of products and services and specialize in custom-crafted solutions, made with materials that meet international standards and guaranteed for quality assurance.

Products & Services
  • Aluminum Anodes
  • Cadmium Castings & Sheet
  • Lead Products
  • Bar Solder & Soldering Paste
  • Tin Sheets & Bar Solder
  • Zinc Anodes, Balls, & Rods
  • Services: Metal burning, filing, babbitting, lamination & extrusion