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Cable Ties & Zip Ties

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Cable ties -- also commonly known as zip ties -- is a length of strong nylon plastic with teeth on one side of the length of the cable tie. One end has a locking mechanism, and the cable tie can be looped and inserted into the locking end where the teeth allow the cable tie to be pulled closer, but do not allow it to be pulled back out.

Cable Ties and Zip Ties Suppliers:

  • SupplyPlaza is an online shopping center providing cable ties and zip ties, including reusable cable ties, and beaded cable ties for sale to businesses and end users. SupplyPlaza offers cable ties in smaller quantities at low prices with same day shipping on all cable ties. SupplyPlaza also carries a host of related and useful products, including the V-Tool Systemfor tag attaching and refill, security seals, and twist ties.
  • Andfel Corporation supplies superior quality twist ties, cable ties, security seals, and tag attaching equipment, and offers friendly, efficient customer service. Andfel has built their reputation by offering the best products, the best service, and some of the shortest lead times in the industry.
  • AALL AMERICAN Fasteners offers a wide variety of cable tie options. They stock reusable cable ties, stainless steel cable ties, cable tie mounting bases, and more to meet the needs of any customer and any application.
red cable tieCable ties get their name from their original function -- an easy way to tie together bundles of computer cables. However, the simplicity, low cost, and ease of use of cable ties has caused them to spread to any number of uses, from attaching hubcaps to wheels, for use as makeshift handcuffs, and to hold just about anything together. Traditionally cable ties are one-use items. Since the teeth and ratcheting design allows the cable tie to be pulle