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Automotive Stamping

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Automotive stamping refers to making use of the deep drawn stamping process to manufacture stamped metal parts for the automotive industry. It is an industrial process (meta stamping) applied to a specific industry (automotive). Automotive stamping is a term frequently used because the automotive industry is one of the largest markets for deep drawn metal parts.

Automotive Stamping Manufacturers

  • Trans-Matic Manufacturing Company: is a deep drawn metal stampings company with global production facilities and over forty years of experience in metal stamping. Trans-Matic is a leader manufacturer of automotive stampings with expertise in the automotive stamping field, including manufacturing deep drawn metal stampings in stainless and low carbon steel as well as many other metals.

Automotive Industry and Metal Stampings

The automotive industry is one of the leading applications of metal stamped parts. Metal stampings are used throughout dozens of systems and parts in the typical vehicle, and in everything from trucks to tractors to standard cars to hybrid and electric cars. The typical road vehicle can contain hundreds of metal stampings. Metal stampings are often preferred in automotive parts due to the low cost of production in very large quantities, and the additional strength that the metal stamping process gives parts when compared to other machining or cast processes. Metal stamped parts are work hardened and often created with fewer difference components, requiring less assembl