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America's Finest Labels

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America's Finest Labels
5173 Waring Road Suite 127
San Diego, CA 92120 

Company Overview
America's Finest Labels is a distributor of pre-printed and custom labels and place cards including shipping labels, international pictorial labels, damage/impact indicators, and much more. They also carry several types of automatic and manual label dispensers and provide same-day shipping for all orders of in-stock labels. Based in California, America's Finest Labels serves customers across the country. All standard and custom labels are made in the United States and their manufacturing partner in Oregon has over 45 years of printing expertise. The company prides itself on providing excellent customer service and works with its customers to ensure all projects and designed and printed to their exact requirements.

Product Overview
  • Shipping & Handling Labels
  • Hazardous Materials Labels 
  • Color Coded Labels
  • Flag Labels & "Made in the USA" Labels
  • Label Dispensers