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Aluminum Metal Stamping

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Aluminum stampingsAluminum metal stamping uses the deep drawn metal stamping process to form aluminum sheet metal with a punch and die. The sheet metal is fed into the metal stamping press and progressively formed by a punch that stamps the metal into a die. Complex and even asymmetrical shapes can be created via aluminum stamping.

Aluminum Stamping Companies

Aluminum is an increasingly popular metal in the metal stamping industry, due to its high strength to weight ratio. While not nearly as strong as steel or stainless steel, aluminum is an incredibly lightweight metal with great strength. Aluminum also has a great benefit over the steels in that it is comparatively inexpensive.

Aluminum Grades Used in Stamping

Like all metals used in manufacturing, aluminum is available in many different grades, each with its own specific characteristics. While just about any grade of aluminum can be used in the metal stamping process, the following aluminum grades are the most commonly desired for part manufacturing: