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Airbus Standard EN6131 Clip Nut Fasteners

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In the airline industry, standard fasteners are an important component of aircraft cabin fabrication. Airbus EN6131 composite clip nuts replace the former Airbus Metal Standard clip nuts and are 100% chromium-free. Composite En6131 Clip Nuts are the pinnacle of performance fasteners. Airbus En6131 clip nuts are manufactured by Marketing Masters Inc. Marketing Masters' Press-Fit Insert Catalog, with a breakdown of all En6131 Airbus Style Press-Fit Inserts. Marketing Masters EN6131 Composite Clip Nuts:
  • Aboslutely, definitely will not scratch and will never corrode. They are completely corrosion-free.
  • Torlon® non-metallic clip nuts are lightweight and suitable for many applications where traditional metal clip nuts were previously used.
  • Have demonstrated the ability to endure extremely high torque loads.
  • Are available in a wide variety of  lengths and threaded sizes.