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Aluminum Die Casting

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Aluminum die casting is the process of forcing molten aluminum metal under high pressure into a mold. This mold is constructed of two machined steel parts known as a die. The die casting process is very similar to injection molding and allows for mass production of aluminum parts with complex shapes within very close tolerances.

Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers

  • Deeco Metals is your first source for quality aluminum die casting services.  Deeco Metals provides premium quality custom forging, extrusion and die casting services for your part component and product needs.  Deeco Metals is headquartered in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. Their 20,000-square foot warehouse maintains a substantial inventory. Near the Charleston seaports, they are able to quickly and efficiently provide international global sourcing for all your metal product needs.
  • Kurt Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer and contract manufacturer offering a variety of CNC machining, gearing, assembly, and aluminum die casting services. Kurt was founded  in 1946 and offers over five decades of machining and die casting experience along with the automation technology to offer the best prices across a wide range of manufacturing services.
  • SKS Die Casting and Machining, Inc. provides zinc