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Air Leak Testing

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Countless defects, such as failed seals and microscopic holes, can cause problematic leaks in would-be leak-free products. Air leak testing is a clean, fast, effective, repeatable, and non-destructive method of determining whether or not a product has been properly manufactured to meet leak-proof requirements. This process can be applied to any product that requires water- or air-tight construction. Air leak testing not only detects leaks, it also provides non-subjective data on leak rates for further study. With air leak testing, OEMs can be sure that their products are being manufactured to their specifications for leak-tightness. It can also help them identify design flaws that can cause leaks. Fire sprinkler systems, automobile radiators, medical devices, and countless other products require air leak testing the guarantee proper performance. A wide range of specially designed equipment exists for air leak testing purposes, from small benchtop models to complex, multi-device systems.

Air Leak Testing Providers

  • Cincinnati Test Systems offers a full line of air leak testing systems, as well as custom-engineered systems that match exact customer specifications. All CTS air leak testing equipment is calibrated and verified to NIST standards in an ISO 17025-accredited A2LA lab.