Thermetic Products, Inc.

Thermetic Products, Inc.
1405 Colorado Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55416
+1 (800) 666-6818

Thermetic Products, Inc. (TPI) is a global provider of heated solutions for a diverse number of industries, including injection molding, aerospace, medical, 3D printing, and renewable energy, among others. We specialize in precision heating solutions designed to provide a lot of heat to a small, precise area. Here at TPI, we pride ourselves on delivering superior service and exceptional value to our customers across the globe. Our in-house CNC shop, located in St. Louis Park, MN, allows us to produce a variety of high-quality custom coil heaters, medical coils, injection molding heaters, 3D printer head heaters, heaters for aerospace applications, custom bio print heaters, and so much more. Our capabilities also include welding (laser, spot, tig, and percussion) and brazing.

Precision Heating Solutions

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