Metal Stampings

Metal stampings are three-dimensional parts made from sheet metal that has been progressively formed through the mechanical action of a die forming the metal around a punch. In addition to forming the parts, the stamping process also work hardens the metal, resulting in a finished product that is stronger than the base material. The resulting parts are seamless and can be simple or complex, symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Metal stamping is one of the leading manufacturing industries in theUnited States. In 2007, metal stampings accounted for over $11 billion in business in America alone.

Metal stampings are some of the most commonly used products in the world, though they are often overlooked. They can be found in automobiles, electrical appliances, motors, generators, architecture, door locks, air conditioners, garden hoses, batteries, office furniture, power tools, lawnmowers, plumbing, and much more. Metal stampings have dozens of applications in automobiles alone, and are used in parts ranging from transmissions, brakes, and fuel pumps to power outlets, solenoids, sensors, and airbags.

Metal stampings with a length that is equal to or greater than one-half of their diameter are generally referred to as “deep drawn metal stampings.”

Metal Stampings Providers: 

  • R.P. Luce and Company is your source for custom metal stampings. Whether you are searching for standard or custom metal stampings, washers, spacers, or shims, our partner Boker’s has you covered. No matter the shape, size, or material, Boker’s provides custom metal stamping and 3D printing prototyping services for your case hardware needs.
  • Compass & Anvil Sales and Engineering, Inc. helps companies source metal stamping and other services from trusted manufacturers in the U.S. and China. They’ll help you source a manufacturer that can meet your specifications at a competitive price.
  • Jones Metal Products Company is a world-class provider of deep draw metal stamping and other metal finishing services. The company carries certifications and approvals in aerospace, defense, medical, transportation, medical, and commercial industries.
  • Micro Forms, Inc. specializes in progressive precision metal stamping for low- to high-volume projects. They have the expertise and equipment to handle even the most challenging small parts manufacturing projects.
  • Trans-Matic Manufacturing Company creates first-class metal stampings for a wide variety of applications. They specialize in deep drawn metal stampings and also provide an array of value-added assembly solutions.
  • Valco Valley Tool & Die, Inc. produces metal stampings using presses with capacities up to 200 tons. They make all their dies in-house, allowing for complete control over quality and turnaround time.
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