Conformal Coating

Conformal coatings are applied to finished electronics assemblies and components, such as printed circuit boards (PCBs), to act as protection against moisture, dirt, dust, chemicals, salt, fungus, extreme environments, temperature fluctuation, electrical leakage, and/or other potential contaminants and environmental hazards. Without a conformal coating in place, these factors could result in damage to the electronics assembly, or complete failure.

Materials & Application Methods

An important consideration for conformal coating is the compatibility of the coating itself with the design goals of the treated product. The coating must meet the requirements of the assembly and provide an efficient solution for its protective needs. Most conformal coatings are adaptable on a case-by-case basis to match these requirements. Engineering, production, and quality control must all be closely monitored to ensure compatibility.

Many different materials can be used in creating effective conformal coatings, including acrylics, epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones, Parylene (Polyparaxylylene), and fluoropolymers. Each coating material offers unique characteristics that make it better suited for particular applications.

Additionally, there are a variety of processes that can be used to apply a conformal coating, including spraying, dipping, vacuum deposition, and a number of automated processes. In some cases, the process used can help determine the material selection, and vice versa.

Material Selection

Material selection is a crucial factor in the effectiveness of the conformal coating—the electronic assembly’s function, performance, construction, work environment, and what the device is being protected against, among other factors, must be considered when selecting the conformal coating material.

Conformal Coating Providers

  • Diamond-MT provides Global Subcontract Parylene and Liquid Conformal Coating Services for industries including Defense/Aerospace, Electronics. Automotive, LEDs, Medical, and MEMs/Nanotechnology.
  • Plasma Ruggedized Solutions has been providing conformal coatings for all industries for over twenty years. The California-based company offers in-depth engineering services and innovative conformal coating methods.
  • DoctorUV has been providing quality UV adhesives, UV coatings, and UV inks since 1987. These products are designed to be cured under UV lamps and provide long lasting performance. Conformal coatings are commonly used in wide format inkjet printing, medical device manufacturing, military applications, electronic assemblies and components, and more.
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