Lily Corporation

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Lily Corporation
240 South Broadway
Aurora, IL 60505

Company Profile

Lily Corporation is a leading manufacturer of resin dispensing equipment and accessories for the Construction Industry. Lily Corporation was founded in 1982 and has more than 45 years of combined construction experience as a contractor and a manufacturer. They manufacture a variety of dispensing systems for numerous applications, such as the injection of low and gel viscosity resins into narrow cracks on concrete, anchoring of dowel bars for pavement construction and repair, seismic upgrading, filling of control joints in floors and pavement, grouting of post-tensioning strands, bonding of plates and carbon fiber to concrete, bonding of pavement markets, and the application of coatings to bridge, parking garage, and airport pavements. Regardless of temperature or viscosity, Lily dispensers will supply your resin with the utmost ratio accuracy, each and every time.

Products & Services

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