Benefits of Modular Offices

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Two Story Modular Warehouse Office

Two Story Modular Warehouse Office

A modular office is a fast, easy, and versatile way to add an individual workspace to your facility. Whether you operate out of a warehouse, manufacturing plant, or other industrial space, modular offices are a perfect solution. They offer numerous benefits over “traditional” construction.

Modular Office Installations Provide Cost and Time Savings

First and foremost, even the fanciest of modular offices generally costs only a fraction of standard construction. A modular office can also be installed much more quickly than stud-and-drywall construction—in some cases, it can take less than a week from the initial P.O. for delivery and installation. This minimizes downtime and lost productivity.

Speedy Installation of Modular Offices

Not necessarily the same thing as “time savings.” Sometimes, you need more office space right now. While traditional construction can take months, modular offices can be installed and ready in as little as a week in many cases. If you can’t wait on a construction crew, a modular office is a quick yet durable solution. Most modern modular offices are so well-built, there’s no loss of quality when compared to traditional construction.

Modular Office Spaces Provide Flexibility

If you only need a temporary office solution, or if you foresee the need for further reshuffling of the work floor in the future, a modular office is just what you need. They can be disassembled, moved to a new location, and reassembled in as little as a day with the right team and the right tools. The quality and craftsmanship that goes into most of today’s modular offices means they can be taken down and put back up over and over again without loss of structural integrity.

Modular Offices are Portable and Versatile

Modular offices from United Partition Systems are also easy to upgrade or add on to. With just a few additions and/or subtractions, the same basic structure can be a “regular” office, a modular shipping office, a modular conference room, a modular cleanrooms, two-story modular warehouse offices, and endless other applications.

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