Brixon Manufacturing

Brixon Manufacturing, Inc.
3115 Mike Collins Dr
Eagan, MN

Company Profile

For over 80 years, Brixon Manufacturing, Inc. has set the standard worldwide for excellence and innovation in the explosion venting latch category. Our pioneering work in safety latch systems helped build our reputation with dozens of Fortune 500 companies operating across a broad spectrum of industries.  After years of development and testing, Brixon created a 100% stainless steel latch with the corrosion, chemical, and temperature resistance needed for specific environments. We were the first company to produce all stainless-steel explosion venting safety latches with a positive seal to prevent heat loss or gas leaks while still allowing access to the protected enclosure. With a range of materials and finishes to choose from and release forces from 3.9 lbs. to 285 lbs., we can provide a solution for nearly any explosion venting application.

Industries Served

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