Panel Built Introduces New Line of Converted Shipping Containers

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Panel Built, Inc. Expands Their Line of Modular Building Solutions With Convenient and Affordable Converted Shipping Containers

March 17th, 2021 – The world of modular building is characterized by constructing quality buildings as swiftly as possible. Now, Panel Built, Inc. is looking to push these modular benefits even further with their new line of converted shipping containers. Shipping containers offer an incredible starting point for a new modular construction project. The structures are designed to be the most durable containers on Earth, capable of withstanding long cargo trips over the ocean. When adapted into a modular building, the building inherits great strength and corrosion resistance from the original container, making them a long-lasting, durable space solution.

Additionally, shipping container conversions provide the manufacturer a head-start in their fabrication process; they already have the building envelop in place. From there, an experienced modular construction provider can craft a wholly unique shipping container building design and layout. Since shipping container conversions can be designed for a wide range of applications from military

field offices to stadium ticket booths, the containers can be designed with a limitless number of internal configurations, including individual offices, restrooms, locker rooms, and more!

Shipping container conversions carry all the other benefits of modular construction, including reduced project times and more convenient installation on-site. While the container is being converted in the factory, the job site can be prepped for installation, cutting the overall project time compared to stick-built alternatives. As a part of the conversion, the containers can have a variety of features pre-installed like electrical, plumbing fixtures, countertops, cabinets, and more.

After fabrication is finished in the modular factory, the converted containers undergo a rigorous inspection, before being packaged for delivery to the job site. Once delivered, the container building only needs to be off-loaded from the truck, placed in its final location, anchored to the ground, and have power/water amenities connected. This short installation time provides customers with minimal on-site disruption and helps provide them with a quicker return on investment.

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