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167 -48018 Faenza, RA


Phone: (054) 669-8000

Company Profile

IEMCA has designed and produced automatic bar feeders since 1961, and today, it is the worldwide leader for every type of application for lathes, machining centers, grindings, gear cutters, and other types of machine tools.

The range of IEMCA products dedicated to the turning industry is the widest available in the market and includes automatic bar feeders for single-spindle lathes with fixed and sliding headstocks, for bars up to 20 feet long, diameters between 0.8 mm and 100 mm and beyond, as well as solutions for multi-spindle lathes with up to 8 spindles. They also produce integrated bar feeders and automatic retrofitting bar feeders for stock reel.

IEMCA offers a range of highly qualified services throughout the world, thanks to its global presence.

Product Overview

Learn more about their high quality bar feeders today.

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