Midwest Battery Supply

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Midwest Battery Supply

7490 Bush Lake Road

Edina, Minnesota 55439

Phone: 952-358-6410

Email: info@midwestbatterysupply.com


Company Profile

Midwest Battery Supply is a supplier of batteries, power electronics and accessories for the Telecom, UPS and Datacenter, Energy and Utility, and Renewable Energy industries. Some of their featured products include Pure Lead Plus batteries, VR Solar batteries, High Rate Max Series batteries and TEL Long Duration series batteries. They also provide installation and maintenance services and can engineer, furnish and install systems customized to meet your needs.

The company also offers battery and recycling disposal services. Their technicians are commercially licensed and certified to transport hazmat batteries and related materials and will provide you with recycling certificates to document that the Environmental Protection Agency’s proper disposal procedures have been met.

Products & Services

For more information, visit them online at https://www.midwestbatterysupply.com/

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