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Henning Gasket & Seals, Inc.Hennig Gasket & Seals, Inc.
2350 West Cullerton Street
Chicago, Ill. 60608
Phone: 312-243-8270
Toll free phone: 800-747-7661
Fax: 312-243-7855

Company Overview

For more than 95 years, Hennig Gasket & Seals have been manufacturing custom gaskets and custom seals customers in all markets. Hennig works with a vast array of non-metallic materials—plastics, rubbers, cork, cloth, etc.—to create gaskets and seals that match their customers’ design specifications. The company provides turnkey gasket and seal manufacturing services, with all processes performed in-house.

Hennig is also a full-line distributor of gaskets, seals, and related tools and materials for some of the largest manufacturers in the industry. They offer products from Garlock, Flexitallic, Topog, Newtex, American Biltrite, and more.

Centrally located in Chicago, Illinois, the company serves clients big and small across all industries, with fast service, JIT delivery, and—most importantly—top quality products.

For more information on Hennig Gasket & Seals, visit them online at https://www.henniggasket.com.

Products & Services

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