Adhesion Promoter/Adhesion Primer

An adhesion promoter or adhesion primer is a type of chemical treatment specially formulated to improve the strength and performance of an adhesive. Adhesion promoters and primers are most beneficial when using tapes, but are also useful when using epoxies and other liquid adhesives.

A variety of adhesion primers and adhesion promoters exist, with unique formulas available for  use with various substrate materials. Special formulations are available for use with plastics like polypropylene, polyethylene, and ABS, metals and painted metals, glass, concrete, wood—nearly any material under the sun.

Adhesion promoters and primers are especially useful when dealing with variables that may affect bonding, such as odd shapes or contours, high vibration, extreme temperatures, or chemical exposure.

Adhesion Promoter/Primer Resources

  • Adhesive Bonding Technologies offers a full line of adhesion primers and adhesion promoters, with a variety of prepackaged options for all applications and substrates.
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