NuGenTec Introduces Zero-VOC NuKlean™ CCR Conformal Coating Remover

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14 June 2017 – Emeryville, California – NuGenTec, a manufacturer of potent, environmentally-friendly cleaners and specialty products, is pleased to introduce a new, non-toxic, zero-VOC conformal coating remover, NuKlean™ CCR. This multipurpose azeotropic mixture of solvents can be used to remove silicone and acrylic conformal coatings, fluxes, pastes, adhesives, greases, oils, and organic residues from SMT and BGA circuit boards, connectors, and components.

Effective, Environmentally-Friendly Conformal Coating Remover

NuKlean™ CCR is highly effective, removing all types of conformal coatings in less than two minutes when used at ambient temperature. Other solvents take up to 45 minutes to produce similar results. Specially formulated for cold-cleaning as well as use at elevated temperatures, NuKlean can be used in vapor degreasing for even faster and more precise cleaning. As it is equally effective on both silicone and acrylic conformal coatings, NuKlean™ CCR is an excellent choice for broad cleaning applications.

NuKlean™ CCR contains a mixture of eco-friendly solvents that allows for effective removal of a wide variety of soils and coatings. It is high soil loading and fast, with no rinsing required. Because it contains no VOCs or toxic solvents of any kind, NuKlean™ CCR is safe for both workers and the environment.NuGenTec

NuKlean™ CCR conformal coating remover is used at 100 percent concentration. It is effective at room temperature, and because it is azeotropic, it can also be used at temperatures as high as 190°F (88°C) for up to five minutes for vapor phase cleaning. Time and temperature parameters vary based on the type and extent of materials to be removed.

About NuGenTec

NuGeneration Technology, also known as NuGenTec, is a global chemical company that specializes in environmentally-friendly cleaning products. NuGenTec replaces harmful chemicals with eco-safe alternatives, delivering the same cleaning power in safer and “greener” formulations. The company currently produces over 600 products, and continuously works to develop and market even more Earth-friendly chemicals and cleaners.

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NuKlean™ CCR is a trademark of NuGeneration Technology.

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