NuGenTec’s SuperGreen® Degreaser Certified as SCAQMD Clean Air Choices Cleaner

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18 May 2017 – Emeryville, California – NuGenTec, a manufacturer of specialty Earth-friendly cleaners and related chemicals, recently received SCAQMD’s “Clean Air Choices Cleaner” certification for one of its flagship products, SuperGreen® all purpose degreaser. NuGenTec is one of just 13 companies to have received this certification. Clean Air Choice Cleaners are very-low-polluting cleaning products for use in commercial office buildings, schools, retails stores, and hotels, as well as vehicle fleets.

SCAQMD’s CACC Certification

The South Coast Air Quality Management District, or SCAQMD, is the air pollution control agency for Orange County, California, as well as portions of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. Committed to protecting the health of residents while remaining sensitive to businesses, SCAQMD established their voluntary Clean Air Choices Cleaners program as a way to raise the profile of ultra-low-polluting commercial cleaning products.

Clean Air Choices Cleaners (CACC) is one of the most stringent certifications that SCAQMD provides. In simplest terms, CACC-approved products must contain little to no hazardous or toxic chemicals or solvents. Many common cleaning products are sources of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, and can contribute to the formation of smog—a major concern in Southern California and elsewhere. As such, CACC-certified cleaners cannot contain more than 10 grams of VOCs per liter.

All CACC-certified products have passed SCAQMD’s chemical analysis testing. Certification does not constitute or imply endorsement of a product, nor is it a representation of a product’s cleaning abilities.

CACC & SuperGreen® Degreaser

NuGenTec’s CACC certification covers three SuperGreen® degreaser products. The first is their SuperGreen® Concentrate formula; the second is SuperGreen® R2U, a sprayable option made with a ten percent solution of original SuperGreen®; the third is SuperGreen® Window Cleaner, which also utilizes a solution of original SuperGreen.


SuperGreen® not only meets CACC requirements—the surfactant portion of the product is also made from 100 percent renewable resources. This plant-based formula is a greener, more environmentally-friendly alternative to the dangerous chemicals used in many other degreasers. It contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic air contaminants, hazardous air pollutants, ozone depleting compounds, global warming compounds, alkylphenol ethoxylates, dibutyl phthalates, heavy metals (arsenic, lead, cadmium, cobalt, copper, chromium, mercury, nickel, zinc), Great Waters pollutants of concern, or carcinogens or reproductive toxins as listed in California Proposition 65 and/or by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the National Toxicology Program, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

About NuGenTec

NuGeneration Technology, also known as NuGenTec, is a global chemical company specializing in eco-friendly cleaning products. NuGenTec products replace harmful chemicals with environmentally safe alternatives to deliver the same cleaning power in “greener” formulations. NuGenTec produces over 600 products, and is currently working with the USDA’s BioPreffered Program to develop and market even more Earth-friendly cleaning products.

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SuperGreen® is a registered trademark of NuGeneration Technology.

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