NuGenTec’s NuFlo® DeScale 81 Quickly & Safely Dissolves Sulfate Scale in Natural Gas H2S Systems

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22 May 2017 – Emeryville, California – NuGenTec, a manufacturer of specialty “green” cleaners and chemicals, has introduced its newest descaler solution, NuFlo® DeScale 81. DeScale 81 has been tested and proven effective at dissolving sulfate scale created by triazine-based H2S systems used in natural gas production and other oil and gas industry processes.

Removing Solidified Sulfur Scale

Sulfate scale is a natural byproduct of triazine-based H2S scrubbing processes used to refine natural gas. A non-organic compound of calcium and sulfur, sulfate scale accumulates inside bubble towers, flowlines, pipelines, and tanks, and solidifies to become nearly as hard and tough as concrete. Traditionally, the only way to remove solidified sulfate scale is by mechanical means—personnel in hazmat suits have to enter tanks and chip away the hardened scale with jackhammers and other tools.

This process is both hazardous and time-consuming. H2S gas is highly toxic, and manned entry of towers and tanks containing H2S, even minor residual amounts, must be carefully monitored for safety. Manually removing sulfate scale—which can accumulate up to three feet or more inside large vessels—can take up to a week or more, keeping equipment and often production offline during cleanouts.

NuGenTecPatent-pending NuFlo® DeScale 81 is an environmentally-friendly, highly concentrated, water-based solution that is specially formulated to dissolve sulfur scale. Effective against dithiazine, trithiane, and paraformaldehyde, DeScale 81 resolubilizes sulfur scale to a liquid state for fast, easy, and safe removal.

NuFlo® DeScale 81 is injected into a bubble tower or tank, with no manned entry required, heated, and recirculated for four to eight hours. After treatment, the liquefied sulfur scale can be safely pumped out. In testing, a full-size bubble tower has treated with DeScale 81 and the sulfate scale removed in less than a day. In most cases, production can continue while DeScale 81 treatment is ongoing.

DeScale 81 can also be injected into tanks and H2S systems on a continuous basis to prevent sulfate scale from forming. Continuous injection eliminates the need for maintenance, cleaning, and downtime.

About NuGenTec

NuGeneration Technology, also known as NuGenTec, is a global chemical company that specializes in Earth-friendly chemicals and cleaners. The company’s specialty products replace hazardous chemicals with “green” alternatives to deliver potent cleaning power in environmentally safe formulas. NuGenTec produces more than 600 products, and is constantly working to develop even more eco-friendly specialty cleaning products.

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NuFlo® is a registered trademark of NuGeneration Technology.

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