Spectrocell, Inc.

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SpectrocellSpectrocell, Inc.
143 Montgomery Ave.
Oreland, Pennsylvania 19075
Phone: 215-572-7605
Fax: 215-885-2792

Company Overview

Having been in business since 1955, Spectrocell is the only facility in the United States dedicated to the manufacturing of cells and cuvettes. This facility provides for the needs of customers large and small, individual users, as well as large volume production for OEMs. Spectrocell also has the capability to manufacture custom designs for research or prototypes.

Spectrocell offers a wide choice of cells and cuvettes to meet nearly any imaginable need of the analytical spectroscopist, in the visible, UV, FUV, and NIR ranges. Both standard and special custom designed cells and cuvettes are available. Where light scattering is of critical importance, Spectrocell can provide cells with side walls of black quartz, which are self-masking. Additionally, Spectrocell offers a unique wide-mouthed threaded top with solid PTFE cap, with or without septum, for the ultimate in cell closure, which are available on many standard cell designs.

All Spectrocell products are manufactured in our modern 14,000 square foot plant in suburban Philadelphia, Pa. Highly skilled technicians, chemists, tool makers, scientific glass blowers, and manufacturing engineers comprise the heart of the production operation. Stringent quality control at every level of manufacturing guarantees reliability and conformance to NBS standards. Spectrocell gladly accept visitors who wish to inspect their facilities by appointment.

Product Overview

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