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FeO, Inc.FeO
4176 South Plaza Trail, Suite 218
Virginia Beach, VA  23452
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Company Overview

FeO is a worldwide corrosion control firm that offers coating inspections and surveys for critical metal, concrete and composite assets, provides on-site corrosion control training and executes project planning and management in the defense, maritime, energy, transportation, utility and construction industries. FeO has extensive experience tackling the most challenging corrosion prevention and asset maintenance problems, having worked closely with the U.S. Department of Defense to provide corrosion control training and project management for service personnel on installations throughout the U.S. and worldwide. FeO is based in Virginia Beach, VA, with a satellite office in Missoula, MT, and is one of only 13 corrosion control firms in the world that has earned and maintains the QP5 certification from the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC).

FeO employs certified, field-tested industrial coatings inspectors to provide third-party assessments of critical metal, concrete and composite assets across various industries. FeO inspectors assess the health of industrial coatings, identify areas where coatings have failed or are likely to fail and recommend appropriate action to preserve the integrity of metal assets. FeO inspectors are also trained to assess recent coatings to ensure they were applied correctly.

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