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7801 Elm Street NE
Minneapolis, Minn. 55432
Phone: 763-572-7961
Toll free: 800-359-2384
Fax: 763-752-7962
Email: info@meltingtanks.com

Company Profile

Rite-Hete manufactures melting pots and tanks for research and production applications of all kinds. The company offers a variety of stock models, as well as custom melting pots and melting tanks that are built to match customer specifications.

All of Rite-Hete’s vessels are constructed with multi-circuit, blanket-type heating elements for uniform heat throughout the crucible, with no hot spots, no cold spots, and no overheating. Advanced temperature controls and heating elements provide fast heat-up for decreased production time. Temperatures as high as 1,000°F can be achieved (depending on model), and optional controls are available to maintain crucible temps within ± 2°F.

For more information on Rite-Hete, visit them online at www.ritehete.com.

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