Keith Company

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Keith Company

Keith Company
8323 Loch Lomond Drive
Pico Rivera, Calif. 90660
Phone: 562-948-3636
Fax: 562-948-3696

Company Overview

Keith Company designs, engineers, and builds custom industrial furnaces, kilns, ovens, lehrs, and other high-temperature devices. As pioneers in the development and commercialization of process heating technologies since 1954, the company has raised worldwide performance standards and expectations.

Keith’s products are specially engineered for applications requiring tight control of heating and cooling rates, temperature uniformity, process atmosphere, dew-points, and/or repeatability. The company’s innovative technology includes low-mass furnaces and kilns that can significantly reduce process firing times and energy costs, continuous furnace designs that provide greatly increased throughput with minimal operating costs, and high temperature furnaces capable of reaching temperatures up to 1,800°C (3,272°F). The company also provides complete automation and abatement systems that are integrated directly into their furnaces and other devices.

Headquartered in Pico Rivera, California, Keith Company serves customers throughout the United States and all around the world.

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