Elobau Sensor Technology, Inc.

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Elobau Sensor Technology

Elobau Sensor Technology, Inc.
1000 South Northpoint Boulevard
Waukegan, Ill. 60085
Phone: 847-672-7515
Fax: 847-672-9645

Company Overview

For more than four decades, Elobau has been a leading manufacturer of non-contact level sensor technology. Offering a broad range of standard and customized products, the company offers complete solutions for numerous applications in the industrial and mobile industry segments. Innovation, reliability, and flexibility have long been trademarks of Elobau Sensor Technology’s products.

The company’s product line is organized into four categories: operator controls, sensors, level measurement, and machine safety. Elobau sensors’ utilize an array of core technologies, including reed, hall, capacitive, ultrasonic, MEMS, and inductive/RFID.

Founded in 1972, Elobau Sensor Technology has grown into an expanding, globally-active, family business with more than 600 employees. The company’s innovative, non-contact sensor products support customers worldwide and set the standard for performance, operator comfort, safety, and quality.

Level Measurement Products

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